Where’s Hillary?
(THE WORLD) Where’s Hillary Clinton? Chappaqua? Washington? Has she returned to Iowa? Has anyone seen Hillary since she endorsed Barack Obama before an adoring crowd of her most ardent supporters?

Philippe Reines, a campaign adviser, says that “she’s enjoying some well-deserved R&R,” but only Hillary knows for sure.

Her sudden and mysterious disappearance has prompted New York publisher Little Brown to announce plans to publish a picture book, Where’s Hillary, modeled after the Where’s Waldo series published in the late 80’s and reissued in the 90’s.

A spokesman for Little Brown says that they hope that the new Where’s Hillary book will track as successfully as its predecessor, a former number one children’s bestseller that continues to sell well in reissued format.

Where the heck is HillaryThe reader will follow Hillary to some of the places she’s reportedly visited around the world and try to find her. Scenes will include upstate New York, the Senate Chamber in the US Capitol Building, and the Lincoln bedroom, among others.

Although the original Where’s Waldo continues to reside on the “100 Most Frequently Banned Books” list of the American Library Association because of a naked breast, Little Brown does not expect the same for Where’s Hillary. Readers can expect Hillary and all the book’s characters to remain fully clothed.